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Founded yr. 2000 to provide engineering and manufacturing services to the aerospace sector as well as other related industries

Develop and fabricate critical products and applications for aerospace sector #BUILT TO PRINT#


Meet customers targets - Product chain


Knowledge transfer and product chain assessment


Technology and Manufacturing Process

We have the capabilities and expertise to accurately interpret your component design and manufacture to exact specifications. Whether your needs are simple or complex, we have worked under rigid specifications and standards of quality.

Machining Technology

  • HSM Profiling
  • 3D 5 AXES Machining (prismatic)

Composites Finish Technology

  • CRP Machining
  • Honeycomb Nomex & HF Machining by US knife
  • Thermoplastic machining

Hot and Cold Forming

  • 80n ton press
  • Complex Shape forming

Composites Know-how

  • RTM process
  • Powder thermoplastics (R&D Level)
  • Thermoplastics forming (R&D Level)

Special process for Aerospace

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Surface Finish (service provider)

  • Polishing and Deburr
  • Chemical Degreasing and Cleaning
  • Anodic Coating by subcontracting

Primer and Finish Coating

  • HPLV Primer
  • Finish Coating (Aqueous and Low Voc) by subcontracting
  • Composites Surface Preparation

Quality and NDT


ISO 9001

AS9100 Quality System (OASIS)


  • NC Probe CMM
  • 3D Laser Tracker AT401
  • Physical & Chemical Test Equipment
  • Ultrasonic END
  • LP NAS401

Research & Development

VTOL Blade Rotor - PLM

RPAS Systems Integration

RPAS Major Aerostructures Development

Special Tooling

Complex Dynamic Systems

MRB training & FISS– for Aerospace OEM´s

Aerospace Products and Programs Experience

Composites Skin Panels machining

  • A330
  • A340
  • ERJ170/190

Large Carbon Parts & Stiffeners machining

  • Spars A320
  • Panels A330
  • A400M

Fittings and Clips Parts A380, CN295

EMBRAER 190 Elevator and Torque Box

Mach EMBRAER 190 Doors & Panels

Honeycomb and Solid Cores 3D surface machining A330 MLGD

UAV Atlante - Composite Machining MLG

COMPOSITES splices for Boeing B787 Dreamliner

Turn key UAV Prototype Main Rotor – Engineering and Manufacturing process

Aerospace machining lab (Exotic materials, ASTERM, AMOF ….)

Others on partnership basis

Capacities and Major Equipment

Machining and Milling

  • 5 Axis HSM (DIMS X6000,Y2500, Z900 mm)
  • 3 Axis HSM (DIMS X12000,Y3800, Z1000 mm)
  • 5 Axis HSM (DIMS X12000,Y3800, Z1000 mm)
    • Customized Clamp System
  • 3+2 Axes HSM Machine Centre
  • Customized Gantry 6 axes Robot

Process Engineering

  • CADCAM Solutions, Siemens NX
  • Customized Machining Tools

RTM System

  • Part limited to geometry complexity, HPP


J. Ramón Des

CEO & Director

J.A Ballesteros


J. Ramón Des

Manuf. & Systems

Enrique González

Quality & Oper.

J.A Ballesteros


J. Antonio Pérez


Nerea González

End Process

J.A Ballesteros


Enrique González

Insp. and NDT

Nerea González

End Process

Shortly About Our Company

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